S-Squared Photography

Church Organ Dedication

"Sara Sawtelle video recorded an organ dedication concert at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Lake Station, IN. She used two cameras with one focusing on the organist and the new organ in the choir loft and the second camera recording the speakers at the lectern.

She also included extensive editing which required much time after the dedication. This extra time included but was not limited to re-recording organ selections in which the page turner hid the feet and hands of the organist, dubbing in still photos of stained glass windows, researching and inserting photos of the composers and inserting them during the appropriate playing of the musical selections, and using her creative abilities when readers failed to speak clearly or the church's sound system failed. She went above and beyond the call of duty and exceeding my expectations. I would highly recommend Sara Sawtelle and will use her again myself when the opportunity presents itself. Janice Gryfakis - Director of Music at St. Francis Xavier."

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