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Two of my favorite Cops wed in New Carlisle at The Homestead 1835

Last year, we shared about the engagement photos for Maranda and Kendy. We were excited for their wedding day. Finally on June 3rd, the day arrived. The location was The Homestead 1835 in New Carlisle, Indiana. Any of you reading this that live in the area, if you are looking for a place to do a wedding or event. Check it out! It is an amazing location!  It was also perfect for these two area cops who are as funny, connected, loved and amazing as the smiles in this picture!


Maranda and Kendy definitely have a great relationship with each other, each others friends, and each others family. We love our jobs as wedding photographers, and this one was no exception, although it was exceptional. The location is expertly managed; Lori and Dave put their hearts and souls into each event and take care of every detail. Kendy and Maranda just had to enjoy the day.

Enjoy the day they did! From the preWedding festivities for both brides, through the sharing of letters to each other, to the look on Maranda's face when she saw Kendy all the way through to the smashing cake into each other faces. Each part was as enjoyable as the next; the care and love they have for each other showed even at those nervous moments. The laughter and joy was real for all.

Ladies, you made us feel included in all the love and joy you had for each person with you on this wonderful day. I truly mean it when I say you are my two favorite cops! The relationship you have is one envied by many.  We wish you many more years of happiness and joy! Remember that you have each other at those hard times, and you will make it !  Congratulations!


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