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Spring Wedding at The Depot in Norman Oklahoma.

This wedding was beautiful. I love weddings in unique locations! After all, almost 29 years ago, Gary and I got married in the mezzanine of The Warner Theatre.  This one was small, and set in a train depot that is in the process of becoming a popular event center. It was April in Norman, Oklahoma. And it was family! 

How did an Indiana wedding photographer/science teacher end up in Oklahoma doing a wedding as a Spring Break road trip? Sometimes life does something you do not expect. Okay, maybe all the time. This winter I got a message from my cousin RuthAnne asking if I would be willing to do the photography for her daughter's wedding in April. We chatted back and forth and I agreed I would do it, if it was something that Crystal wanted. Ultimately, the decision was yes.  I will be honest, as a teacher that uses photography for her release, I was excited. I was going to Oklahoma to see family I had not seen in 47 years! I also was thinking I was crazy, the wedding was at the end of my Spring Break, I was going to drive to Oklahoma! We were so glad we did it! It was so wonderful!  The wedding was beautiful and a wonderful setting, nice weather. Ryan and Crystal were fun to get to know! Not to mention seeing one of my Uncle's from my Mom's side, and cousins and children of cousins! 


Ryan and Crystal make each other shine. I always look for that!  In addition, when the couple already has children, whether they are his, hers or theirs, I like to see how the relationship comes across through my lens.  I was not disappointed. It is clear that the affection between Ryan and Crystal but also with their daughter. Capturing special moments with each of them and Melody,was so fun!!  Not to mention that Melody tends to light up the entire room if not the world.


Like all weddings, this one had it's unexpected events but also like all weddings, in the end what will be remembered is the wonderful touches. The things that you cannot plan. Mom and daughter connections -- both bride and mom and bride and daughter, Bride and Groom dancing, laughing and all those other special moments!  Thank you Ryan and Crystal for letting us be a small part of your day!  It was wonderful to be there with you! We wish you many more happy moments that offset the work that is a marriage! Congratulations!

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