S-Squared Photography

Car Trouble Will Not Stop This Couple


On a day that had a threat of rain, that was not what caused a delay in this wedding. Ironically, it was car problems!  After all, they first met because of car needs!  Well, dead batteries did not stop this day! While not without drama, Stan and Donna did get married and enjoy their special day with many memories that will not be forgotten.

We met on Thumbtack, and talked on the phone a few times, but did not meet each other in person until that day. We were impressed with Stan as he was waiting to hear that Donna arrived, not worried at all but concerned because it was so late. She was calm even with all the drama arriving and their ceremony was beautiful. They have been through a lot already, and it was clear that they have a genuine and strong relationship that will continue to blossom!  They were relaxed and truly cared for each other and each person there.



They even surprised their friends Chris and Ray with a vow reaffirmation, while they were doing the receiving line. So of course we captured some of that also! What a nice memory to share together with friends!  Truly a testament Stan and Donna. They started their life as a married couple, with marriage vows, and a vow to stop smoking. They were quitting together at midnight. I hope that both of those vows last forever. I find that as a nice forever  to each other and each other's well-being. They also started their life with three first dances!


Stan and Donna, thank you for letting us capture this one day! We hope that you will continue to find life's challenges as a way to connect together and stay stronger as two!  We were honored to be part of your beautiful day!

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