S-Squared Photography

Beautiful July day in Goshen Indiana

We had the pleasure on July 2nd of this year of being part of Kimmy and Bryan's wedding. We did their engagement photos in April and really hit it off during that time together. They would just go with our ideas and we would end up with even more ideas. That was also true of their wedding. During one of our meetings,  Kimmy talked about being able to "see" each other to connect but she did not want to physically see each other -- thus the idea of blindfold's came.


 This picture was the result.  It was very sweet. The bridesmaids and groomsmen helped get them blindfolded and then we walked outside to get pictures. It was quite a moment, very touching. Something I will always remember. 


After the wedding we took advantage of the beautiful setting outside and took many pictures of the bride and groom and thier attendants.  Kimmy and Bryan also wanted to get group photos with family and friends that were there with them. She was so funny. A signature photo op started right away, with her mother and then every other woman. After a few normal poses, Kimmy picked up her Mom.  It was so fun watching everyone respond and react!


We truly enjoyed the spirit of both Kimmy and Bryan even more as the day progressed. They shine from the inside out and it is a wonderful thing to see. A lasting impression was left on us!  Thank you for including us in your day, may you be blessed 100 fold in your marriage.

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