S-Squared Photography

She Said Yes! on a Pier of Lake Wawasee in Indiana.

People say wedding photography is hard, because there are no second takes. In fact, I have been known to say that myself. However, I think that what is really challenging, and fun to be part of, is a surprise proposal. In this case, Matt has been planning this proposal for over 5 months with his mother, sister-in-law and I believe others, as the days progressed. He had it all planned, hired us to be "paparazz1" to capture the event without being noticed. To do this, you have to be pretty sure she is going to say yes or have an escape plan. I joked with Matt about that and he said "if she says no I am jumping in the lake." I replied "I would get that shot" [if that was the end result].  It wasn't; and he knew that it would not be, or thought so.

In order to be invisible, we needed a plan. The piers are very close together and you cannot really go "unnoticed" unless you look like you belong. We were invited to take the photos not sneaking them, so I was not ready to climb a tree and risk life, limb and equipment. So the Saturday before, we headed to the planned location, and happened to find some neighbors that were right at the next pier. We explained what we were doing and they were more than happy to help. 

The day of the proposal, we came early and joined the party of the next pier neighbor. Matt's sister texted when they were getting ready, and we moved to our positions. We had two vantage points, a tree that was aligned with a good vantage point of what I will call the Proposal Pier and the lake behind, and the other spot was on the neighbor's pier. 

This shoot was challenging. We are so glad that we had two angles since Casey's back was to the tree. Turned out great! She said Yes and then the party began. Including her Mother, and a few other family members that snuck onto the scene via a boat. They yelled a big yeah, when it was clear that she said yes!

Casey and Matt, we loved the few moments that we got to know you. We are very glad we were able to be there and capture that wonderful moment, and although it would have been fun to see Matt dive into the lake, we are very glad you said yes. You make a beautiful couple!  Congratulations! 

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