S-Squared Photography

Beautiful June Day at Bonneyville Mill in Bristol, IN

On a beautiful morning in June, we met with Taylor and Tyler to take some photos of them at Bonneyville Mill. They are getting married in September, and want some photos for the reception. They started out very reserved so we did the usual prompts to make it all feel more natural to them. The setting is inspiring on its own, which made our jobs of pulling out their personalities even easier. The colors were very vibrant that day and there are so many good backdrops. We walked all over. laughing, exploring and took 100 pictures or so.


It did not take long for the laughter to start!  The picture featured here is one example. We asked them to look over the bridge and look like they are talking about and showing each other something. As the time continued, their smiles got more natural. I asked them what they were talking about and pointing out. Tyler was pointing out a dead fish!


Taylor and Tyler are suited for each other, they both bring out the best in each other. They are very relaxed around each other, even in this setting when they were clearly nervous.  While we are still getting to know them, it seems that they have a friendship that goes with their love for each other. The mutual caring when they are looking at each other is very evident.


We look forward to their September wedding, to see how all the planning and preparing turns out!  We all had some fun together for these photos, it will be great to capture their special day together.

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