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Star Weds A Glorious Wedding in Goshen Indiana

A Glorious Wedding". This wedding was unique. All the weddings we have  done, have had their own style and fun. This one was the first themed wedding that carried all the way through. We were impressed with the planning. From the sign at the door to the tickets that were signed as the guest book and the opening movie with their own story weaved in with true Star Wars fan fashion!  Very fun atmosphere with tables and popcorn, chips, drinks, the opening with the death star, the attendants walking down the aisle to The Imperial March  the bride coming down the aisle with her two dads to the Leia and Hans Love Song and the bride and groom on the stage, front and center. This truly suited Ashley and Daniel.


We met Ashley and Daniel through thumbtack, as I have gotten many of my clients. Ashley and I communicated electronically but when it was time to sign the contract we met in person. What cracked us up on the wedding day was the realization that the day we met to sign the photography contract, Ashley and Daniel were going from there to watch Star Wars! 


We had fun on a hot but beautiful June day. Ashley and Daniel met on a mission trip and the vibe of the wedding day was definitely friendship and family. As I reflect on this day, it did make me think of my own wedding. My husband and I met in Junior High and were friends for years, until the end of our senior year when we went to prom together. I swore we were going as just friends. Our wedding was two friends who had fallen in love and wanted to be together as husband and wife. To me, the atmosphere of our wedding as similar to that of Ashley and Daniel's wedding.

The picture in the gallery of Ashley walking down the aisle with her Dad and her Step Dad, Ashley and Daniel feeding each other pizza and the bridal party on the jungle gym really show the friendship that was evident in every interaction. It was an atmosphere of family, friends and fun. The meal was Pizza! Perfect for a movie theme and fun setting. 


I was truly impressed in the relationship I saw between the bride and groom. I have to say it made me remember my special day as I looked at how comfortable they were with each other and how it was evident that they cared deeply for each other. This weekend is our 28th anniversary and I am thankful that I was able to relive those feelings of our day, as I worked on these photographs. Ashley and Daniel I wish you many years of friendship and love through all the things ahead for you! Thank you for letting us be the ones that captured those moments!

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