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Cold Spring Day to Party Like It Is 1225!

I got the opportunity on May 15 to celebrate a Graduate School Graduation with a dear friend of mine and her family. I volunteered to take graduation photos for her, since I knew, having been in that same situation 24 years earlier, that she would not have a proper way to commemorate the day. It gave me a way to give her a gift of a memory! Much of grad school will be forgotten (okay some really, but I do not want to scare anyone) and having a memory of the feeling of the day you put on that hood and a sigh of relief! Here is she is pictured with her grad school robes and all things that matter companion, Charlie!


This woman is a wonderful soul. She has her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature (at least I think that is correct) and is many years younger than I but we became fast friends based on shared  experiences: Christian values of loving one another, loving God and connecting others to God, and  the graduate school experience. I love her knowledge and sense of humor.  I love her ability to make literature from those times when it feels like you are reading a foreign language (okay I know, Chemistry (my Ph.D.) is also a foreign language) into something way more meaningful and her passion for it! 

Dr. Megan I look forward to more times together whether in my backyard or yours, around friends or trivia, or just talking about our passions, including photography!  So happy that you made it and I could celebrate with you! You, my dear, are a Rock Star!

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