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Rainy Resort Will Not Ruin This Wedding

On April 30, 2016, I drove from my home to Syracuse, Indiana to the Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee.  I really did not know what to expect. I have lived in the area for over 20 years and had not heard of this resport.  It was a rainy spring day. As I drove on the grounds, I was impressed. This is resort is a little gem under my own nose!  After I parked, I went into the Inn and found my bride for the day -- Valerie. This was the first in person meeting. We had really connected on several phone calls and texts.

I had a good feeling that we were going to meld well, as our conversations were so easy. I was right. I walked in her room as she was getting ready.  I was not surprised to see a beautiful down to earth woman who was excited and disappointed about the weather on her day!  But that was not thwarting (I love that word and do not get to use it much) her attitude! The usual things that happen at weddings happened!


She embraced the occasion. I took many pictures of her getting ready including some with her in her dress and her Ugg boots! She decided she was wearing them in the golf cart on the way to the Chapel that was on the grounds. Rocky, apparently hates her Ugg boots. So I made sure I captured those pictures, just for him!  The Chapel is in the background of the picture. It is one room and very cozy! Beautiful even in the rain! She got out of the golf cart -- carried her dress up the stairs with some help from her daughter and sister, opened the door and walked in. No place to really go but in with all the guests, and everyone else at the occasion. Valerie handled it with grace. Things were not perfect, and while it did bother her, like it does all of us on our day -- she quickly dropped the emotion and enjoyed the time!.  Rocky and Valerie are so funny together. Their affection and commitment to each other was evident in every look. Even the "you didn't just do that look" (every married man knows that look). 


After a few pictures in the chapel, while we waited for the limo -- aka a golf cart -- to return us to the Inn for some more photos. Rocky donned his hat, Valerie picked up her train like a Southern Bell and they walked down the steps under a purple umbrella with smiles on their faces!  I love this image! That umbrella just makes the statement! 


It was another wedding of memories for me. I am so happy to have met Rocky and Valerie, and I am sure we will continue to connect. We just had a blast together! I will have to return to this gem of a location with the love of my life some day.

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