S-Squared Photography

Beautiful Day for a Stroll in Downtown Goshen, IN

One of the things I love the most about using Thumbtack as a way for clients to find me, is the amazing way we connect. Nothing could be more true about our meeting, followed by our Wedding Invitation Photo shoot on April 23rd with Kimmie and Bryan. It did not take long for us to get into a rhythm, bounce ideas off each other and then just have a blast. It was a beautiful spring day,  a nice breeze and trees in bloom. Kimmie works 3rd shift, so we wondered how much sleep she had gotten and if we could get the photos to really show who she was.   We did not have to worry. 


She came ready to enjoy herself. We took some great lighting pictures in downtown Goshen by these benches on a corner and then walked down the street to the Courthouse.  The trees were in bloom, grass freshly cut and so many places to get great photos for the wedding invitations!  


The picture here was our "Singing in the Rain" moment. We did have to explain what we wanted them to do, but they took to it right away. They had fun as we thought of all these places to shoot -- them walking down the street, sitting on a bench, standing surrounded by a tree, on opposite side of a huge tree, so many choices the setting was so inspiring. 


It really is cool to find customers, meet them and instantly connect. This is an amazing experience and after every one, I think, "that was great". It is a lot of pressure trying to make sure you do not miss a shot, but so rewarding. I know it changes my life. Kimmie and Bryan will marry in July and we look forward to more opportunity to not only capture the moments for them, but to connect again in an, dare  I say it (forgive me for using an overused phrase), Organic way.

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