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A small intimate ceremony in Snowy April

It never surprises me anymore, the weather in Indiana, or anywhere for that matter. Charlene and Charles planned their wedding for Spring Break so that her son, Gabriel,  could be part of the ceremony. They did not plan on snow. Gabriel was the best man. An adorable one at that. This understated, down-to-earth couple, was not looking for the frills of a big wedding. It was not the first for them but it was one that was long in coming so it was very meaningful to both of them. And their friends and family. I am sure they would have preferred spring to have already sprung!

I laughed as I heard more than once, "It's about time!" Well, as it turns out we make plans and life changes those plans and that is what happened with Charles and Charlene. Last year Charles had major medical issues that prevented them from doing this sooner. But it was now time, no more waiting!  They had many curve balls in life, both of them, and they found a friendship  at a time when both needed that support, and as sometimes happens, that friendship blossomed into a true connection of caring and love. 

When I say understated, Charlene, makes that statement an understatement. She does not like being the center of action and was terrified, not of getting married to Charles, that was the easy part. It was talking in front of people. This was a very small ceremony with special close friends, but even that bothered her. She looked beautiful in her blue dress and her smile, when we could her to do it!  She and Charles really did challenge me in the getting them to smile department, several times, I just had to make them laugh!  

Gabriel is 10 and enjoyed the day! He loved being up and supporting his mom and the man he knows will always be there for him! The friendship and playfulness between Gabriel and Charles' daughter, Rachel, and son-in-law, Jeff ,was fun to watch.   It was great to see this family finally officially become one joined and happy!

Charlene and Charles, I wish you all the best and hope that you will find that your love grows even stronger as you rely more fully on each other to get through the days!  Keep track of that love you found and let it bloom over and over!

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