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The Joy of Finishing Nursing School

It is a joy for me to be able to capture special moments. This particular one is even more special that most. This wonderful woman is one of my best friends, Nurse Becky. We met really through her work and my thyroid but our friendship developed through spending time with each other scrap booking, laughing, eating, drinking, texting, facebooking -- ultimately bonding. This is the woman who held my hand and patted my leg as my fantastic endocrinologist poked holes in my neck to do my biopsy. 

I was overjoyed to hear she was going to go full time to nursing school to get her RN. And now I got the pleasure of capturing some of that joy in photos. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful nurse she is! I am so happy that she has accomplished this -- the world is getting a wonderful RN. 

Life for us is always an adventure. I think we should have known that when our first bonding moment was during that biopsy! I am pretty sure I would have moved and really had a problem, if it was not for her.  These pictures were supposed to be outside last week... but.. it was snowing in April and oh yeah, I had a cold. So change in plans. The library yesterday evening after work. Well, after a little of a chocolate mess... we ended up at a beautiful place that was perfect!  Except we got there at around 5:40 and they closed at 6.  


I can now add another "Adventure with Becky", how many people can say they got kicked out of a library and it wasn't because they were loud? (Not that we were quiet). Becky I am so proud to call you my friend. I am blessed to have you in my life. These photos will always have a special place in my heart. May you find your new life as a RN in your dream job be more than you hoped for and a place you can feel the value in yourself that all your friends already know.


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