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Pastor Portraits Provide Plenty of Purpose

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the Chair of our Church Pastoral Staff and Relations Team asking if I would want to take the "official" portrait of our new Pastor. Our church has a celebration coming up in June, and we need to update the photos of our pastors in the Narthex.  I told him I would be honored.


Yes, I know the title is a little over the top. I honestly could not help myself!  I realize that not everyone gets the opportunities I have gotten in life and I try to be always grateful. That does not mean I have not had my share of hardship, I have. And I have tried to gain perspective and gratefulness (is that the right word? I am sure my English major friends will be all over me for that one) in both situations. 


I truly was honored. Reverend Diana Thompson has only been with us since September 2015 and she had made an impact already. Her leadership is kind, faithful, prayerful and compelling. I am on the Worship Team and work closely beside her.  From the very beginning she reminds us that this is our church and she is our guide on the path. 


The photoshoot did not take long at all. It did not take very many takes to get her personality to show through, those that know her I am sure are not surprised by that. The spirit is definitely upon her in these pictures. I cannot really take credit for them, I just set the environment and snapped the photos.  Her smile lights up and challenge you to not smile, the same way her sermons always challenge me. I am truly blessed by this opportunity and am honored to know only have taken these photos but to have my church family believe in me enough to do it!


Pastor Diana, you are a blessing to us at First Baptist Church South Bend, as we know you have been for others. We feel honored by your presence and are proud that you also chose us, as we did you.  Thank you for all you do and we look forward to wherever the path takes us together!

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