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Finally After 23 Years

As a wedding photographer, you get to see the joy of the wedding day and also the stress.  If you are there long enough and perceptive enough you can get an idea of how strong the relationship really seems.  Maybe it is just me, coming from a background that requires observation and a 27 year marriage. A marriage where others say to us "I wish I had what you have". Either way, the relationship of Terry and Dwight stands the test of time, before they even were able to get a marriage license.  To say, I was impressed with these two would be an understatement.


Ten years ago they had a commitment ceremony but getting legally married is what they wanted to do.  So after 23 years of waiting, they finally did it!  Not because they were not ready, after all 23 years is about 3 times as long as many marriages (average divorce is  after 5 to 7 years!). They were ready and their commitment was truly visible during the whole day, even in the hard moments. 


The wedding at St. Peter's in South Bend started with music that Dwight chose to be played while guests arrived. They were both so excited and anxious that while we were in back waiting for the starting music, they kept peeking out the doors to see who was there !  So cute! The final piece of music before they walked down to the center of the church for the ceremony was "Final Countdown", which definitely  shows their personality. I had a front and center view of the attendees faces as they put it together, connecting the song to how long they waited for this day! (I missed getting any shots of those faces; it was like going Whale Watching and the whale breaches but you have no evidence because your camera is not ready. Such is life.)


Both Terry and Dwight have experienced the passing of their mothers. They helped each other through that loss, and so included in their ceremony a time to remember those that had passed while family members lit candles for their mothers. Tears were shed but awareness that those two women were instrumental in their relationship was evident. At the end of the ceremony, and when they were at the reception, the cheers were loud and strong. The amount of joy for this wedding was tremendous.


I was so happy to be included and to feel included. I felt like in the short time I spent with them that we became friends. And it is an honor to see the smiles and happiness on their faces. This was the last wedding I photographed in my first year of business and it is one that will add to the cherished memories of all the rest. It is like a capstone for me.  As a woman of faith, I believe that marriage is about commitment to each other, each others family and all that comes with that; the strength to find a path together through it all. Trusting in each other and in the fact that people are put in our path  not because we can handle it but because we need to remember to rely on each other and God, to find the new path together. Terry and Dwight have had a more difficult road to marriage than most of us and through it all they have shown that they have the strength and faith for a lasting marriage.

Congratulations Terry and Dwight. I am honored to have such special memories of your special day! Celebrate!

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