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A Halloween Wedding

Becky and Steve are committed to family and friends. They decided earlier this year to move their wedding up for reasons related to family attendance, so went small and simple as they planned their wonderful day. Already committed to each other and to such an extent that you would think they were already married.

I met them through Steve's mom who is a dear friend of mine and was lucky enough to not only attend as the photographer but to witness this event that was in many ways not the usual. The ceremony was planned for the town gazebo in New Carlisle Indiana, with several contingencies because Northern Indiana and late October can mean just about anything with regards to weather.  The final contingency is where it landed --  A ceremony held in a library meeting room, festively decorated with pumpkins and fall colors,  with family and friends. Bride in orange. Groom wearing a nice suit and toe shoes. Last minute officiant that was the brother of the groom, since the expected one came up MIA, so to speak. Small but joyous celebration of marriage.


Becky and Steve are one of those matches that you can just tell were meant to find each other. Their affection for each other is noticeable.  They are both quiet and it is clear neither liked being the center of attention, but they shine when they look at each other.  


If you did not notice it in the photos, or when you look at them, you would when you heard Becky's words during the ceremony which included the fact that just that week, as is actually typical of an engaged couple, they had gotten into a fight about something that she could not remember. What was unusual was that it ended in what she said was a typical ending.. them getting into a water fight in the kitchen.  She also mentioned her ability to deal with his qwirks and he just nodded his head in agreement.  They already have figured out how to be a couple and that is something that was evident in the wedding.  For them the wedding was a final formality of something that was already true, they were committed to each other.


Becky and Steve, my wish for you, is that you keep this element as long as you can. It will serve you well through the years.  Your affection was clear, you make each other better and you know it!  Thank you for letting me be a small part of your wonderful day!  Many happy years ahead!  Your wedding will be a memorable one in this first year of business. We were honored to be there!

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