S-Squared Photography

Beautiful Fall Day in the PA Mountains

The week before Halloween we had the opportunity to drive to PA and see something we have not seen in years, the beautiful rich fall colors in the Allegheny Mountains. We were lucky enough to be chosen photographers for the wedding of Joe Riel to Danielle Steber. Danielle and Joe had been together for years and were finally getting to tie the knot. This wonderful, friendly family includes son Hunter and daughter Rylen.

They married at the beautiful Interfaith Chapel on the grounds of the Old Warren State Hospital.  It was a cloudy, cool fall day but there were no signs of that changing the festive mood. As we were interacting with both Danielle and Joe, and their friends and  families, we began to feel the love between them, not just the couple but everyone. Words that came to mind as the day progressed to describe them includes sweet (just look at that family picture), quiet, strong in faith, gentle, caring, and true affection.


Watching Danielle and Joe get ready for their wedding day and also meet the needs of children, in addition to including Hunter and Rylen in everything, was truly awe inspiring. This couple is another example of the strength that is needed to make it through all the things that happen in life. They were down to earth and totally enjoying the moments that they were experiencing. The usual things that happen differently than  you plan, did not phase them at all.  We were truly blessed to be part of this wonderful day!  Congratulations Joe and Danielle! 

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