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Family Fun Photos at the Park

Put together a cloudy autumn day at a park with trees, family size swings, people to watch, bridges over the river, and a playground with a family of six that clearly has true affection for each other and you get a slew of photos that bring out the personalities of all. Of course there is the third part of my husband making faces, etc., behind me making the kids respond the way the kids do! 

Regardless, it all starts with a wonderful couple that is blessed withcaring hearts and love for each other to match.  It was so fun seeing them together without the kids, in addition, to pictures with the kids as a group and individual. So many fun things to share from this day, the number of shots I captured truly amazed me for such a short time, I must have had my camera up over my face most of the time!


We started with family photos in a tree. There was a perfect branch for the kids to sit on. The youngest was not sure she wanted anything to do with that, even with daddy standing behind and supporting her. Some of her initial faces are so funny as she begins to realize that she is actually enjoying it. Then it is full out smile and trying to make bunny ears. I am pretty sure that happened due to my husband behind my head making faces that they started mimicking.  Then we moved to a swing with the kids seated on it. Fun and giggles were had by all. Such expressions!


Taking pictures of the family on the bridge looking over the river was one time when I wish I could record what was being said as the stills were being taken so I could hear it again as I looked at the photos. There is only an indication that there is some discussion about what they are seeing based on the expressions on their faces. I can tell you that the talk was not about the beautiful way that the river went over the rocks; think more about how kids would describe the rocks in the water and their colors.  It was also fun to try to help elementary school age students understand what we wanted when we wanted them to run toward the camera together as they came across the bridge. At first they left the youngest, in the dust so to speak, so mom and dad showed them. Such a hoot! The kids did much better the second time with baby sister leading the pack!


The time wrapped up with the kids playing in the park. While not intended to be a photo-op, I could not resist. They were having such fun hamming it up for the camera.  While I mostly do wedding photography, this experience is just as great and I love the ability to capture the personality of the person and the family in a park where everyone can be themselves! I feel so honored to have been capturing these moments and I will remember it for a long time, especially when I look at the photos!  A beautiful family !


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