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Pleasant Fall Day Along Tippecanoe River

In mid-September, we traveled to Monticello Indiana from Granger, to be the videographer at an intimate, river-side wedding at Taylor's parents' home.  The drive there, as seems to become our usual on trips through Indiana, was adventurous.  It all started when I was packing to leave and realized instead of turning off the power on my boom mike for my video-camera, I had turned it to on and it was drained! Of course it was early morning on a Saturday before anything was open in the area.  I tried a couple of grocery stores in town and did not find the battery I needed, no, I was not surprised.

As a result, I decided I needed to keep an eye-out for somewhere that may carry it on my way.  Expecting for my GPS to take me through Lakeville, and Plymouth to route 24 and across.  I was suprised, as I was singing and watching for stores, blindly following my GPS to find myself going through North Liberty, Walkerton, North Judson and Winamac... crossing into Central Time and back to Eastern.  Not finding anywhere that had the battery  I needed. As I was thinking through all the options, I suddenly came upon Winamac and Ace Hardware.  I took a chance, stopped, walked in and got that friendly Ace Hardware greeting, walked to the batteries and..... there it was.... the last one on the shelf !  I honestly could not believe that and then started to realize that I was on the path to find it without really my own plan.  Love that!


Once I got to Monticello, I was then greeted with a bridge out and had to call for directions.   Once I arrived, I was amazed!  Beautiful setting. I knew from talking with Taylor that she has a sweet soul and seemed so grounded in her faith.  Then I met her in person and had no doubts. She is beautiful on the outside and even more so on the inside. The same goes for Josh.  The wedding was on the back porch of the house, small, intimate, parents, grandparents and siblings with a photographer and myself.  The weather was perfect -- the sun position amazing. Really a photographers dream!


It was such a peaceful wedding even during the preparation times, the atmosphere of the location and families was pure joy and peace. They had fun together and made sure that we were also made to feel comfortable as we served them.  This was one wedding that I will never forget. In fact, if my husband and I ever decide we want to renew our vows, I am looking for a place like that to do it. The Spirit was there and it was definitely a blessing! Thanks, Josh and Taylor for trusting me to be there, the experience did impact my faith in family and God in a very positive way!


Oh, yeah I should add that my GPS on the way home, took me across 24 the way I expected to go to the wedding. To me that means that  my strange route on the way down is evidence that sometimes the Lord provides even for things that seem to be nothing of Her concern.

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