S-Squared Photography

Fabulous Fun in Osceola

In mid-august I had the honor of capturing video of the wedding of Jessica and Todd.  These two were made for each other, friends forever until one day... the spark flares. It is funny to me how in my first year of this business, the story of friends getting married is a repeat event for me, especially since I married my best male friend from high school. Jessica and Todd definitely have that friend competition vibe in their relationship. You can see it in facial expressions and reactions to things.  However you can also see the love that they have for each other. 


Jessica and her entire family are avid Notre Dame fans while Todd is a avid Michigan fan. After spending the day with them I can just imagine what the Notre Dame -Michigan football game day is like for them. They have a blast I am sure of that.   This was the theme for the day, fun. There wedding was in a beautiful church in Osceola with a large wedding party that were mostly made up of friends of both of them. They hired me just over a month before the wedding to video the ceremony, I was able to also provide pre-wedding and reception video for them.  They wanted to be sure that I was able to get both their faces during their vows.  After being there I understand why, they have such expressions on their face.  


I know this is one wedding that I will never forget, they are a good match for each other and their friends and families melded well together!  Todd and Jessica, I wish you the best that life has to offer and in those times when it is not the best, that is when being friends really matters, as I know you already have learned!  

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