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Beautiful wedding in Fort Wayne

Ashley and Nick. A wonderful couple that connected with us through Thumbtack.com. In fact, Ashley and I talked the first time on my 27th wedding anniversary, so I was feeling a little nostalgic. I asked her about her wedding plans and learned that she was marrying a friend from school, they had reconnected during a particularly rough time in Ashley's life and the deep caring for each other, just bloomed!

You can see the affection, in every picture. I told Ashley that I married my high school sweetheart, and that we had been very close friends for years before our first date. Ashley and I felt strongly that my husband and I should take the photos at their wedding.
. So on August 8, 2015 we left Granger to head to Fort Wayne, car loaded up and with anticipation of meeting them for the first time, face to face.  There are several ways to head to Fort Wayne, the fastest is to take highways. We decided in our infinite wisdom to take a trip on the roads that would let us choose a place for lunch. We had plenty of time! So off we went... and it was an adventure!  After a 10 minute train, and two times when bridges were out, so there were detours. Unmarked detours. We finally made it 10 minutes before Ashley was expecting us.

We set up and starting shooting. We had a blast getting pictures of Ashley and Nick, so expressive and sweet. And then there was Destiny and Zoey, Ashley's daughters.  Both sweet girls, my husband, during the reception, kept finding himself in a position where Zoey was dancing around on the floor, trying to be photographed!  So of course, he obliged!  Most of them, did not turn out since he didnt have time to set his camera so that the fast moving Zoey would be totally in focus! One of the best memories we have is of the selfie photobombs before the cutting of the cake, and the of course, there was the pure concern and affection that Nick showed toward Ashley's daughters.

br> Gary and I felt blessed to be able to be there for this wedding, like all of them, they become part of our story. This one adds to the connection of that deep friendship that developed into deep affection. It is something we cherish and we love to see in our brides and grooms (yes, that is how we think of them). Thank you Ashley and Nick for the wonderful memories on that beautiful day in Fort Wayne!>

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