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Beautiful Sunny Day for a Promotion Ceremony

On a absolutely beautiful August day in South Bend, I had the pure honor to be the photographer for the promotion of U.S. Air Force Captain John Paek to Major! They had contingency plans for rain or bad weather, as that has been the norm this year. But this day it was not necessary, and the lawn in front of the reflection pool at the Hesburgh Library on Notre Dame University Campus was the absolute perfect setting.


Major Paek's journey includes a wonderfully supportive family that is made up of his mother, father, two brothers, his wife Ayoka and her family (mother, sister and two brothers). The ceremony was absolutely inspiring. I am so proud to be American and to have people like our servicemen serving our country. We are free to have any opinion we have, thanks to the protection of our servicemen/women.  In addition, I am the niece, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and aunt of men and women who have served or are serving this country.  But I have never gotten to be present at such an awesome event.  Thank you Major Paek!


The ceremony had all the parts and pieces you would expect; the National Anthem salute, prayer, remarks by Major Paek's Colonel Frank Rossi regarding John's journey, the reading of the order and the oath of office. The order brought chills to my arms, followed by a splash of cold water!  The ceremony started at 2 pm and the sprinklers come on at 2:15!  As all good servicemen/women and spouses we all just moved to a dry spot and went on with the event.  The chills were real as were the ones that came as John repeated his Oath of office to serve and protect!


I am blessed by this event and want to thank Major Paek and Ayoka Paek in making me feel welcome and their attention to detail. You are both wonderful souls! And Thank YOU for YOUR service from the bottom of my heart!

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