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Engagement Photos at Japanese Garden in Indiana

Engagement Photos, like wedding photos, can be a lot of fun to take, especially when you have a couple who feed off each others looks as well as Michelle and David.  We had not met personally until the moment we met in the parking lot of Shiojiri Gardens in Mishawaka, Indiana. This Japanese garden has so many great places to get different views for photographs, that we were finding ourselves walking around and just stopping to take some shots.  


The story of David proposing to Michelle is one for the books. He planned to ask her at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, and he had it all planned. Except for the part about losing track of time talking to friends. In fact, Michelle was looking for him because she wanted her kiss at the change to the new year.   He ran into the room, she looked mad (because she did not get her kiss), went down on one knee and proposed. Obviously, SHE SAID YES!


We walked around this little garden for 45 minutes, taking shots and getting silly. The photos highlighted here show some of that silliness.  Michelle has a beautiful face except when she is doing something silly to make David laugh, then she has an extra little spark in her eyes.

We had a great time and look forward to taking the pictures at the wedding. I am sure we will get even more great photos from these expressive faces. Thanks Michelle and David for being such good sports and so fun to capture on "film". We look forward to September 10, 2016!

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