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Wedding Reception on a Hot Stormy Day

On a hot, humid Saturday just over a week ago, I was taking photographs at the Wedding Reception of Kathy and Jeff in Union Pier Michigan.  Kathy and Jeff had gotten married a couple of weeks earlier and were now celebrating in a backyard party at a farmhouse complete with cornfields and a red barn. The week prior was stormy almost every day, with severe weather whipping all around. And this day was no different, although the weatherman assured everyone that there was no chance of rain (he lied).


Kathy and her sister decorated the yard and the awning in the country theme, including bales of hay, special gifts for the adult guests, and beautiful table decorations.  Even the guest list was themed.. it was a log end that was signed with a sharpie. 


We took some photos of Kathy and Jeff and their friends and family. I walked around and grabbed various candid shots and was overwhelmed with the friendly and loving environment. I knew a little of their lives from conversations with Kathy so that I could make sure to capture the right things. But one of the things I like most of doing this job is getting a feeling of the couple from the reception and guests, just observing.  Jeff and Kathy had both been married before and have children from those marriages. One thing I noted was how well the families melded together, the laughter and inclusiveness was something to be envied.   


Thank you Kathy and Jeff for asking me to be a small part of this beginning in your lives. I feel very honored to have been able to capture just that small piece and hope that you continue to be blessed by each other and with the love that you share, continue to enjoy life together!  

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