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An Anniversary to Remember

I believe when I look back on this first year, I will have lots of memories of these days.  I was honored to be asked to take family photos and some candid group shots on July 4th for a family that was celebrating their parents 60th wedding anniversary.  With our 27th coming up later in the same month, it was quite a joy to participate by being the fly on the tent wall, snapping the expressions as people who had not seen each other in many years reconnected. 

Before the event, the family worked with me to create a shooting schedule of different family groups that would let them capture this time in their life as a family. Just parents, parents and children, parents and grandchildren, parents with both, family groups, etc.   We had an ambitious plan but they were so prepared and everyone was going to be waiting so we could just move people take some poses and move to the next one. While this job, really only needed one photographer, I had my husband come with me, so he could manage the schedule.  Everything planned, ready to go.


Then the unplanned happened, the mother of the family was injured a week before and she could not be at the party. So the day of the party, the plan changed. Some of the guests went by the hospital to see her and the oldest daughter stayed at the hospital that day.  But the party went on and so did the photography session.


This is a wonderful family and we all had such fun together. It was clear that they loved each other and their parents. There was an element of joy but also that missing having the whole family there feeling. It is times like this that I remember why I want to do what I do. I want to help people get these moments. I want them to be able to enjoy each other and not worry about capturing the memory and I don't want the price to be a barrier, like it often is.  This reminds me of why I got this started, finally.

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