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Organ Dedication Concert

When I think back through life, I am so grateful for the encouragement and support from family and friends. As I was talking with my closest friends about taking the risk and starting my business of event photography, Janice asked what I would charge to edit the video of the Dedication of the New Organ Concert in April. Eventually it expanded to also recording the organ while the church camera recorded the speakers that were introducing the pieces.So, once again, I borrowed a recording device (and purchased one that arrived shortly after the concert).


On April 19th, we recorded the live concert and again I learned. As organized as it was, there were factors that neither Janice nor I thought of when we placed the camera for recording in the organ loft, with it positioned so it was not in the way of Janice seeing the front of the church. As a result, we needed a second recording session so that we could see the organ and her hands and feet rather than the page turner. We also needed to remove the blocked footage from people walking in front of it and the ones with people talking in the loft.  Things that just happened that could not be avoided.


If you have ever attended an organ only concert, when the organ is above you and over your head, you will understand why I discussed with Janice adding interest with some "pop-ups" that explained the piece she was playing, or the kind of music, or the composer.  Facts so there was some visual interest. It was great fun really and I got to do some work that let me highlight some of the possibilities.


This is a clip of part of one of the pieces. I love this one, it shows her playing three different parts -- both hands and both feet.Such a great experience and yet another example of how helping friends can be a blessing in more ways than you expect.

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