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New Beginnings

I am so thankful that I get to be part of the beginnings of a couples marriage by capturing those special moments. I would not have this opportunity if it were not for two couples who were willing to take a risk on those memories, allowing me to be their wedding photographer. They were special moments with each of them. We shared new beginnings of their marriage and my photography business. They definitely took a risk, and there are things that I learned from each.

The first was on January 2 with Brad and Janet. This was not the first marriage for either of them, so no traditional - groom does not see the bride, bride in white kind of event. It was a very small ceremony. Janet has been a friend of mine for a long time, and it was great to be able to do this for her. It was held in the chapel at our church. I went ahead of time at the same time of day as the wedding was going to be and took some sample shots, but did not count on the lights being lower then I planned and did not notice at the time.  We got some beautiful shots and some were dark and needed editing magic. But we have beautiful memories and some experience -- I now know to make sure the photographer controls the lighting situation if at all possible!

 There were some fun shots even in this wedding of two people who finally found the one, after a long road to find each other.  For example, Brad was continually asking, at every place they went while planning the wedding, if this was where the Ball and Chain got installed.  So, right after the wedding .. this happened. I often get asked about this picture when I show my portfolio.  We all had such fun with this one. She even wrapped it around his neck before cutting the cake.

In case you are wondering, he did get to take it off... eventually. 

Brad and Janet, you are a hoot and thank you for trusting in me for your wedding photos.  This will always be one that I will remember! Including Janet's dad's surprise birthday cake the next day!


The other first came on March 7th in Las Vegas. The wedding of our nephew Carlos and his lovely bride Anahi. It was fun doing a wedding in Vegas, especially in March. This wedding was big. They used almost every possible symbol for the ties that bind them -- the rope, the coins, the sand, the bible, the unity candle and communion. About a month before the wedding, Carlos asked if I could also record the wedding. Of course, said I...... then panic, I am not in business yet, I have to find equipment!  We did. We borrowed equipment from a friend and arranged for three cameras. At first I thought that was crazy, I was going to have to splice that all together to make one nice piece.  I was glad though at the end, as there was not one good angle to get all the parts they were doing and we got some experience in something that I now have officially added to the offering of my business, but only one camera for now.


Carlos and Anahi were willing to try so many different poses. We had a blast at the Palazzo taking different shots and angles.  Many of which turned out to be my favorites.  Anahi pulling Carlos into the Church. The Bridal Party trying to pull them apart. The bridal party all peaking at me through the space between them, while they tried to kiss.   So much fun!

I enjoyed being able to not only share in the beginning of their marriage but give this as a gift to them. I hope they are blessed with many more memoriesand many years! 

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Nothing Will Tear Them Apart
Nothing Will Tear Them Apart