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Think BEFORE you click

In this day of smartphones that have pretty amazing camera and video qualities, we all tend to snap pictures whenever we want to without a second thought. This can be dangerous in a number of ways so it might be good to think about where you are and what else might be going on around you.  


For example, if you are in public and on a public street, permission is not really needed.   At a wedding last month, we were taking some extra photos at one of the beautiful areas in a casino, as we were setting up a shot, we were photo bombed!  It was funny, and did not bother anyone, someone just grabbed their phone and did a selfie making sure that the bride and groom were in the background. I was not prepared for it and missed the opportunity to get a picture of him doing it.  That would be a memory to capture and I will next time. 


However, it would be wise to THINK BEFORE you CLICK an embarrassing picture of a friend and post it on facebook. What you post on their wall, reflects on them. If they will not like that priavte moment made public, be a friend, do not even take the picture!


You need to also THINK BEFORE you click inside buildings or at events. Most museums and public buildings do have policies in place for photography, and even stricter ones for flash photography and video recording. So be aware of where you are.  In the case of events, like weddings and concerts-- remember those are not about you (unless you are the concert giver or the couple getting married). I will refer directly to weddings but the same rule applies at any event you attend.


At weddings, remember every person there has a special connection to the bride and/or groom, not just you!  And the bride and groom have paid a photographer, sometimes a lot of money, to capture all the special moments.  If there is a particular moment that has special meaning for you, THINK before you stand up or move closer to insert yourself into where you can get the shot you want. You are probably preventing the paid professional from being able to get the shot they wanted to capture that memory. Let them do the job, most photographers give the couple a disc with photos and the rights to have prints made.  Get your picture from them, sometimes being considerate means you should wait. 

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