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Two of my favorite Cops wed in New Carlisle at The Homestead 1835

Last year, we shared about the engagement photos for Maranda and Kendy. We were excited for their wedding day. Finally on June 3rd, the day arrived. The location was The Homestead 1835 in New Carlisle, Indiana. Any of you reading this that live in the area, if you are looking for a place to do a wedding or event. Check it out! It is an amazing location!  It was also perfect for these two area cops who are as funny, connected, loved and amazing as the smiles in this picture!


About S-Squared Photography

Hi, I am Sara Sawtelle. I am a self-taught photographer that started by just taking pictures every chance I could and learning about things like f-stop and apertures.

Spring Wedding at The Depot in Norman Oklahoma.

This wedding was beautiful. I love weddings in unique locations! After all, almost 29 years ago, Gary and I got married in the mezzanine of The Warner Theatre.  This one was small, and set in a train depot that is in the process of becoming a popular event center. It was April in Norman, Oklahoma. And it was family! 

Magnificent Day in Michigan

On a day that looked like Paige & Tim's backyard wedding was going to be hindered by rain, we ended up

Car Trouble Will Not Stop This Couple


On a day that had a threat of rain, that was not what caused a delay in this wedding. Ironically, it was car problems!  After all, they first met because of car needs!  Well, dead batteries did not stop this day! While not without drama, Stan and Donna did get married and enjoy their special day with many memories that will not be forgotten.

Beautiful July day in Goshen Indiana

We had the pleasure on July 2nd of this year of being part of Kimmy and Bryan's wedding. We did their engagement photos in April and really hit it off during that time together. They would just go with our ideas and we would end up with even more ideas. That was also true of their wedding. During one of our meetings,  Kimmy talked about being able to "see" each other to connect but she did not want to physically see each other -- thus the idea of blindfold's came.

...'Bout Damn Time in New Carlisle, IN

Earlier this year, we met with Kendy and Maranda and agreed to be their wedding photographers for their June 2017 wedding, but first they had to get "officially" engaged. Well in the end of July we got the message, the proposal was finally delivered and thankful accepted, so it was time to get the engagement photos done. Off we went to the location they will be getting "hitched", a beautiful location called The Homestead 1835. I honestly fell in love! with the location and our clients!

She Said Yes! on a Pier of Lake Wawasee in Indiana.

People say wedding photography is hard, because there are no second takes. In fact, I have been known to say that myself. However, I think that what is really challenging, and fun to be part of, is a surprise proposal. In this case, Matt has been planning this proposal for over 5 months with his mother, sister-in-law and I believe others, as the days progressed. He had it all planned, hired us to be "paparazz1" to capture the event without being noticed. To do this, you have to be pretty sure she is going to say yes or have an escape plan. I joked with Matt about that and he said "if she says no I am jumping in the lake." I replied "I would get that shot" [if that was the end result].  It wasn't; and he knew that it would not be, or thought so.

Beautiful June Day at Bonneyville Mill in Bristol, IN

On a beautiful morning in June, we met with Taylor and Tyler to take some photos of them at Bonneyville Mill. They are getting married in September, and want some photos for the reception. They started out very reserved so we did the usual prompts to make it all feel more natural to them. The setting is inspiring on its own, which made our jobs of pulling out their personalities even easier. The colors were very vibrant that day and there are so many good backdrops. We walked all over. laughing, exploring and took 100 pictures or so.

Star Weds A Glorious Wedding in Goshen Indiana

A Glorious Wedding". This wedding was unique. All the weddings we have  done, have had their own style and fun. This one was the first themed wedding that carried all the way through. We were impressed with the planning. From the sign at the door to the tickets that were signed as the guest book and the opening movie with their own story weaved in with true Star Wars fan fashion!  Very fun atmosphere with tables and popcorn, chips, drinks, the opening with the death star, the attendants walking down the aisle to The Imperial March  the bride coming down the aisle with her two dads to the Leia and Hans Love Song and the bride and groom on the stage, front and center. This truly suited Ashley and Daniel.

Cold Spring Day to Party Like It Is 1225!

I got the opportunity on May 15 to celebrate a Graduate School Graduation with a dear friend of mine and her family. I volunteered to take graduation photos for her, since I knew, having been in that same situation 24 years earlier, that she would not have a proper way to commemorate the day. It gave me a way to give her a gift of a memory! Much of grad school will be forgotten (okay some really, but I do not want to scare anyone) and having a memory of the feeling of the day you put on that hood and a sigh of relief! Here is she is pictured with her grad school robes and all things that matter companion, Charlie!

Rainy Resort Will Not Ruin This Wedding

On April 30, 2016, I drove from my home to Syracuse, Indiana to the Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee.  I really did not know what to expect. I have lived in the area for over 20 years and had not heard of this resport.  It was a rainy spring day. As I drove on the grounds, I was impressed. This is resort is a little gem under my own nose!  After I parked, I went into the Inn and found my bride for the day -- Valerie. This was the first in person meeting. We had really connected on several phone calls and texts.